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Village Greens

Catherine & James Dampier

Better tasting

We are growing a wide variety of fruit and vegetables on the farm, grown using traditional methods and picked fresh for you each day for the best possible flavour. Our carefully selected local producers provide us with a wide range of other seasonal produce that tastes excellent.

Better for you

Our fruit and vegetables are grown using traditional techniques and as naturally as possible; we only sell meat and poultry that has been reared humanely, with animals given the space they need and the time to grow at their natural rate. We have met all of our major suppliers and only accept produce from them where we are convinced that it meets our own high standards.

Better for the community

Free range local chickenWe try to minimise food miles by sourcing locally – most of our range has been grown or reared within 30 miles of the shop, and 18 suppliers based within 10 miles of the shop provide beef, lamb, chicken, sausages, ice cream, wine, chocolates, bread, milk, cream, cheese, cakes and more. This way we can ensure a fair deal for local farmers and food producers and help encourage the countryside economy. The shop and farm are staffed with local people and we use local materials and labour wherever possible.

Better for the planet

Fewer food miles means lower carbon emissions, fewer pesticides means greater biodiversity, less plastic packaging means less landfill. But most of all, better food means happier customers!