About Us

A Team That Cares

First and foremost, James and Catherine have put together a team from the local community that have both a passion for the produce that they are ordering and selling as well as simply having a good time with our customers.

Our Own Produce

Catherine & James Dampier

Catherine & James Dampier by Andrew Shaylor www.shaylorphoto.com for www.thedorkinians.co.uk

We grow a wide variety of fruit and vegetables both at Ockley and in the walled garden on the Denbies estate, nurtured using traditional methods and picked fresh for you each day for the best possible flavour. When in season these include salads, cabbages, spring greens, squashes, peppers, leeks, chillis, french and runner beans, broccoli, herbs, chard, spinach and much more.

Local Producers

We are proud of our close relationship with all of our local suppliers.  We only sell meat and poultry that has been reared humanely, with animals given the space they need and the time to grow at their natural rate. Our beef and poultry both come from farms within a couple of miles of the Ockley shop and our other meat comes from two high-quality local and traditional butchers.

We source much of the fruit and veg that we don’t grow ourselves from Secretts farm in Milford, Surrey as well as receiving regular quality produce from our own customers. During the summer our extensive range of tomatoes come from Nutbourne Nurseries in Pullborough and when autumn arrives we welcome the extensive range of apples from Ringden Farms in Sussex. We’ve also had a long relationship with Hilliards in Ewell, a family owned fruit and veg business. Finally, and once a week, we visit Covent Garden to ensure our customers have a regular suprise to put in their baskets.

We also take the local priority seriously with our other groceries. Bread, pastries, sandwiches, fresh soups, pâtés, quiches, pies, scotch eggs, crisps, chocolate, gingerbread, ice-cream, cheeses, cold meats, coffees, milk and much else is sourced within Surrey and Sussex.

Village Greens For The Community

Free range local chickenWe try to minimise food miles by sourcing locally but we are also realistic in our ethos. We do our utmost to ensure a fair deal for local farmers and food producers and to help encourage the countryside economy but we are also very aware of our responsibility to provide a high quality altenative to the supermarkets. Consequently we stock produce from around the UK and overseas wherever we feel it meets our high standards. The shop and farm are staffed with local people and we use local materials and labour wherever possible.

Better For The Planet

We can only do our small part but fewer food miles means lower carbon emissions, fewer pesticides means greater biodiversity, less plastic packaging means less landfill. But most of all, better food means happier customers!